Hey! Welcome to the brand new site! It seemed like the right time to re-vamp the web image, since the last time we re-designed SusanEgan.net, Facebook had not yet been invented!  Look at us now, so very social savvy! And check out the tech! On the upper right corner is our music player — this month you can hear This Ordinary Thursday, the song I recorded for Georgia Stitt’s first album of the same name (buy it on iTunes!).

And I’m excited to share new media with you via those Social Networks – be sure to follow on Twitter, as I have some contests coming up! Check out my page on YouTube and subscribe; you can be the first to see my brand new, fully-produced music video which hits the web next month! As always I’m on Facebook – post away, friends!

And if that weren’t enough (though likely it is!) check out GlamourAndGoop.com, my blog with composer/pal Georgia Stitt!  It’s all here – centralized – finally!  But take a gander at the many pages here at SusanEgan.net, too, because you’ll find things on this site we won’t feature anywhere else!

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