The incredible Stephen Schwartz was honored by ASCAP in an evening in LA, and I was the lucky girl who got to sing his songs!

Here we are in the middle of the summer – how time races by!  I’ve been terrible at keeping the site updated, but with good reason — I’ve been working!  What a Winter and Spring with concerts in New York, North Carolina, all over California and even in the Bahamas, Caribbean, and Buenos Aries!  What a joy it has been to meet so many of you in person, to begin new friendships, and to see old pals (none of us are really old, are we?)! I still pinch myself with the opportunities that happen my way (see photos!), and always love hearing from you guys via Facebook and Twitter!  You keep me honest … and laughing!

Singing “Colors of the Wind” in honor of composer/lyricist Stephen Schwartz. I know the song well – Pocahontas is Nina’s favorite princess. Sigh. =)

The Spring also saw me teaching at two schools: The Young Americans College of Performing Arts and Cal Poly Pomona. Combined with the master classes I taught this year, I have had such an inspiring experience working with so many talented and passionate young performers. The future of theatre is in good hands, and I can’t wait to say, “I knew you when!”

As we move towards Fall, I am honing my focus a bit to primarily concerts, with bookings in the Caribbean, California, Montana, Florida, Indiana, Wisconsin, and even SPAIN!  Check out my appearances page for the details and know that I’m adding to the tour schedule weekly!

My pal and collaborator, Georgia Stitt, and I have also revamped our Musical-Mom Blog, Glamour and Goop, and we’re doubling our efforts to post frequently to give you our POV on the daily trials of career and motherhood!

Georgia and I hit Birdland to debut our two new CDs. We clearly had too much fun!

Most of all, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for making my music video, Nina Doesn’t Care, such a success with nearly a quarter of a million views!!  It was a new (and exciting!) way for me to debut my new CD, The Secret of Happiness. What a ride!!

Stay alert as I release a new single in honor of one of my favorite performers ever!! Coming the Fall!


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