Glamour and Goop: It says it all, honestly.


Glamour and Goop: It says it all, honestly. The life of any mother – the myriad activities that make up a day, whether for children, husbands, friends, family, work, home … seldom celebrated (but for our own inner self-congratulations, if we are sufficiently caffeinated) yet always necessary.

Georgia and I have been living similar lives on the West Coast (with decidedly East Coast careers) while raising kids, supporting our busy husbands and building our own careers (in our free time?). We talk about all this on stage, so Glamour & Goop is really an extension of those stage stories. But the inception of the blog itself can all be narrowed down to a moment Georgia and I shared while we were “working” on the Disney Cruise Line last September. Let me just say, the singing was the easy part! On the night of our concert, we were 45 minutes away from curtain in the 2000-seat Walt Disney Theatre, and yet we had four girls under the age of 5 in a bathtub in my cabin. And while were trying to keep our gowns from getting wet and get four wiggly and screaming kiddies washed, into PJs and fed, and also apply our makeup, style our hair and warm up our voices … well, somewhere amidst the chaos Georgia turned to me very calmly and said, “So how does it feel to be a big Broadway star?”

It’s glamour … and goop, my friends.

Still, precisely 45 minutes later we were on stage singing the opening number. I don’t know how. Figuring THAT out would waste precious moments needed to accomplish it. That kind of time is a luxury reserved for 20-year-old, single gals ordering cosmos. Let’s just say, the process has changed.

Glamour is a photo shoot with Matt Morrison, or is it? Got a story there. Glamour is also a macaroni necklace from my 4-year-old. Goop is the spit-up on the beaded concert gown – just try getting that out – or the review in the NY Times. We each of us face the daily ups and downs as mothers, certainly, but what I’ve learned already is that the glamour and goop aren’t always what or where you expect. That’s what makes life so intensely interesting. Back in the day, I used to love when the sets broke down in Beauty and the Beast, because you never knew what would happen next – after 700 performances, suddenly the show was exciting again for the actors– you had to wing it! Then I became a mom, and now I’m winging it daily.

What I know for sure is that we all feel the glamour and goop, even if you’ve never set foot on a Broadway stage. We are balancing, bending, sacrificing, — carving out time for our dreams if possible, while trying to fulfill those of our partners and children. It’s universal; it’s no coincidence that the mom inThe Incredibles is “Elastigirl!”

Motherhood has changed everything about me. Certainly my concerts have morphed since I had kids, bringing in themes and music that reflect my daily life now. Georgia’s writing has a new point of view as well. We love working together and swapping stories; in fact we reserve the first hour of our rehearsals together to catching up (video to come!). We also try to have play dates for our daughters simultaneously, which never works … but that’s its own blog entry. We have similar struggles and celebrations, Georgia and I, but unique viewpoints, which is why I can’t wait to see what she writes.

As for me. I’m poised to share my glamour and goop and the lessons that come with them. I look forward to hearing yours as well. Cheers to the journey and the conversation!

Now excuse me, I have to wake the baby from her nap to go pick up Nina from school, make dinner, finish laundry, pack for a concert trip, learn music, email 20 preschool moms…



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