IT IS TIME … for's very first CONTEST!

The inspiration for this blog was that at any given moment in our lives we may experience glamour … or goop. But SOMETIMES we get both, a double scoop of glamour and goop.

CONTEST: We want you to submit (as a one-minute-or-less video or a less-than-500-words story) a moment in your life that brought you both glamour and goop. We'll have two winners – one video, one written submission!

PRIZE: You get to come to a recording session with Georgia and Susan (me) the week of July 25th as we finish up both our new CDs! OR of you aren't in Southern California, you get two, signed CDs from us … and of course bragging rights.

HOW: Send video, or a link to the video, or your written submission to by July 22nd. Also, please include your written permission to share your story/video on the site, should you win. Oh! And subscribe to the blog if you haven't already!

Here's a sample moment from my life:


A few years ago, as I was just getting back into my career after having my first baby and (not so glamorously) losing the weight, I was asked by Disney to come read for a pretty cool project … the new Jonas Brothers TV show. The Jonas sensation had just swept the nation and this was a high-priority show for Disney Channel. I'd be the mom, and with my Disney background and my ability to sing, I was an interesting choice. No, I didn't LOOK like them, I was blondish at the time with pale Irish skin and freckles, but that's what hair dye and makeup are for, right?! It was perfect. The boys would hold the weight of the show, I'd be in every few episodes – a good schedule for a gal with a new baby – and most of all, I'd be a part of something pretty high-profile, albeit teen-centric.

Well, after a few weeks of callbacks, it was down to me and one other gal. The final meeting was what they call the “test” for the pilot – you read your scenes for a crowded room of network executives; heartless suits, who never laugh at anything – at least that’s how the actor feels. The other actress went in, read and came out – a pro. I went in, I read … and when I walked out, I knew I'd blown it. Goop. Double goop, and a few expletives. I felt I had done so poorly, in fact, that I literally apologized to the casting director who had also exited the room with me. G.O.O.P.

I was gathering my purse and jacket when I heard my phone chime; I'd gotten a text from my husband, Robert. “How'd it go?????” Miserably, I texted back “I didn't get it.” I could picture him in his office, bummed for me, for our bank account, for the potential lost. Then, after about a minute, I got a text back … “That's ok, hon. You still get to be Nina's mom.” Those words, the truth of them and the rush of emotion I felt immediately told me everything I needed to know about my life, career, husband, you name it. The angst was instantly gone, and I felt only love … and glamour.



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