Mom Shift

Like working moms everywhere, I have felt that constant struggle to find balance – the elusive, perfect ratio of time away from the kids versus financial gain. I had the ridiculous notion that if I could only achieve that equilibrium, I’d experience a zen-like ability to cope with all incoming issues, demands, and needs without…


Bravely Going … Bonkers

Here’s a Hollywood Story – kind of.  I’m at the opening for a new Umami Burger (if you don’t know what that is, there is a gaping hole in your culinary existence and I will keep you in my thoughts) with Nick Pitera (if you don’t know who that is, there is emptiness in your…


Super Hero Pals

I’m just coming off a weekend with Georgia during which we traipsed around the Triangle of North Carolina – just two gals. We hit Garner first (just outside Raleigh) with our duo concert as part of the Broadway Series at Garner Historic Auditorium; and from the hospitality, to the wonderfully warm audience reception, to hanging…


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